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studio iv: comprehensive studio

completed under astrid lipka


Newtown Creek remains one of the most polluted waterways in the United States; it was designated a Superfund site in 2010[1]. The Greenpoint Public Library is currently being re-imagined[2] as the Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center (GLEEC) in an effort to promote awareness of the environmental and public safety challenges facing the neighborhood and NYC at large.

Our studio was tasked with making our own proposal for the design of the GLEEC that "walks the walk" as much as "talks the talk."

above left The building was conceived of as experimental grounds for functional daylighting. This diagram shows the ebb and flow of activity throughout the building's mass in response to both programmatic diction and access to daylight. A building designed to take advantage of daylighting for energy and programmatic use can improve energy performance and productivity.

above right An early conceptual model using vector strings and netting of varying density to display circulation and programmatic density amongst the potential buildable area.


above and right floor and site plans. 

below developmental model showing integration of interior with exterior through landscaping and ramping floor plates.

Orthographic construction detail of front 

entry, awning, and second-floor assembly.

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